Too Big To Fail

Tell us about something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail (and tell us why you haven’t tried it yet).

For sure it would be to move and settle down in Canada. I make no efforts to hide it, my biggest wish is to move to Canada and settle down there for the rest of my life. I wish I could have moved there in my early 20s. Or my teens. Or heck, I wish I was born and raised and still living in that beautiful country.

For several reasons I think that Canada is the place that I most wish I was living in. I think they have a great country and some awesomely beautiful cities, towns and places. I can think of more than 30-35 places in Canada that I’d love to see and live in. Whereas I can only think of a handful in most other countries, including my own. I love the places and the rivers and the scenic beauty and the funny names that they have as well for those places (Wawa, Moose Jaw, Dildo anyone?) and I love ice hockey. I love their singers and bands and I enjoy a lot of Canadian shows and some films.

The fear I have I and why I haven’t tried is because I do not have much money, neither do I have a sponsor to get me to Canada. Finding a job will be difficult and I guess my lack of a degree (I only have a diploma and do not work in that field at all) will affect my chances anyway. I could try and get there and then find a job but for that I will need a place to stay and I need lots of money. I have friends but they are all my internet friends (some of whom have offered a free bed if I do make it there) but I have never even met them in real life hence I am not comfortable in asking them to go good on their offer.

I do hope that I will go there atleast for a visit someday before I die. I do want to see my fav cities and have a beer in toast to Canada. I guess that might be possible.

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