Too Good To Be True

I’m in a huge living room. The carpet was lush & thick & white, the kind where your feet sink in a bit and it’s all soft underfoot. The sofas huge and soft and inviting. I was sitting on one of the ridiculously comfortable sofas, with my feet up and resting. I’m wearing blue pajama bottoms and a white t shirt. There’s a huge jug of ice cold orange juice on my right.

The a/c is on at just the right temperature – cold but not too cold. I look to my left, my late dog Shawny is half asleep on a smaller, round sofa but she’s wagging her tail as I look at her. Right next to her is a smaller cushion kinda thingy two cats are lounging in similar semi-sleepy states of laziness! One is predominantely white with patches of light tan on her body and tail. The cat next to her is a mix of brown & white – they are the cats that I had with me during the ages of 12-16.

I look to my right and I’m amazed to see a huge fish tank with these gorgeous looking fish of wonderful colours. There’s a giant flat screen tv and it’s on at the moment, although I can’t remember what it was showing. I take a long drink of orange juice – man I was thirsty and I needed that. Where am I? I look outside the window – breath-taking view of snow capped mountains with a semi-frozen lake near it. A car is pulling up just outside.

The woman who is getting out of the car is beautiful. I look at the picture frames in the room – it’s all picture of her…with me! She & I holding hands, hugging & kissing near the lake, playing with the cats & my dog, on a picnic! She has a smokin’ body! What am I doing with her? The door opens and she walks in, glides towards me, takes my hand and sits next to me and holds me while she places a wet one on my lips!

And then I woke up……shit!

4 thoughts on “Too Good To Be True

  1. Damn I was hoping that when I went to sleep last night the same dream would come back. I really wanted to know what happens after that kiss.

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