Too Tired For Air Guitar?

I’m back home after a full day at the office, working my ass off. Today has been filled with reports, mails, sorting out stuff & arranging for things. I’m back in the ground floor of the building after making a good statement for moving back down – as I manage the training team and as we have 4 batches undergoing training at the moment and with another 4 on the way in the next few weeks, I need to have access to them. I can’t be sitting 2 floors up while my trainers and the trainees sit in the training rooms on the ground floor.

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So once again, I have made my move downn and I brought the MIS guy of the training team with me. I spent time doing audits & interacting with 2 training batches and discussing the certification process with a third one. A few reports & mails later, I was dead tired. I’m doing a 11-8 shift at the moment, one made out of choice and I reach home at around 9 pm.

I was so tired today, it’s extremely humid & hot and I’m sweating buckets. I came home and washed my feet, hands & face and with a bottle of water in my hand, I switched on the computer. I’m listening to songs but I am too tired to sing along and play air guitar.

Really! I’m that tired!

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