Took The Team Out For Lunch Today

hatchet online As part of the need for my team to get recharged and de-stress, I took them out for a good lunch today afternoon. Bill payed courtesy of the company’s training department budget. It was a wise decision.

It took us a while to get going; it was almost 2 pm when we left from the office and went on to Hotel Sea Park (about 2 kms away). Two of my team members were missing due to high fever. But I decided that the rest should still go out. So we ordered soup and went over the menu as we loudly decided what to have.

This is the fun part that I love to see – all this excitement in the eyes of my team over choosing dishes to eat. Rashba & Ajeeba – as usual – disected the prawns section but to their dismay the hotel were out of prawns. No problem as chicken 65 & some mutton did the job just as well. Three huge karimeen fish fry were ordered. And, oh yeah, beef! Can’t be a lunch party in Kerala if there’s no beef. Plates of fried rice floated on the while table like ice on water. I had a hyderabadi biriyani and fish.

Once the food came, the yakking stopped and all you could hear were the chomping down of food. Jins had a chicken biriyani & fish & mutton. Neil had rice, fish, beef & mutton. Nazer had fried rice, mutton & beef. And this is the most satisfying part – I just love to watch my team eat. It gives me immense pleasure to see food, and good food at that, being served to and eaten by my boys & girls. It fills me with happiness, because I am big brother & daddy rolled into one for them. They are family.

Well, the food was good except for the fish which I think was a little overdone. It ended up being a bit too crispy. But everyone loved their food. We then ordered ice cream and the 5 of them also had mango juices. Where does it all go? You should see 3 of my people; they are too thin!

Bellies full, we went back to the office to wind up the day’s work. I went back to my system, content that I was able to give them some respite from all that stress. Part one is done, mission accomplished! Now to think of some R&R stuff.

4 thoughts on “Took The Team Out For Lunch Today

  1. Sounds like a truly delicious lunch. You are a big brother and a daddy rolled into one. If only more managers were like you!

  2. I agree. Twice a week if possible. I want to take them out for a movie, picnic or a pizza party or something. A day long event or something.

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