Top 3 Things Before I Kick The Bucket

Off topic how did the phrase ‘kick the bucket’ come to be used? Why ‘kick the bucket’ – did someone die just as he/she kicked an actual bucket? Who knows but anyway onto my list

1) I want to achieve something that is meaningful and that will last a long time. Something that will have people appreciate me and talk about my achievement long after I am dead and my atoms are spread throughout the world. Something good & great. No matter what.

2) I would like to find Mrs. Roshan, well meet her before she becomes Mrs. Roshan, have both of us fall in love with each other and get married and live a nice, quiet happy life with a couple of dogs and cats. A small house or apartment of our own and be happy in our own company.

3) Have that perfect moment of happiness, contentment and peace. Forget all about the stuff in this world and just attain, for the lack of a better word, ‘perfection’. Cause then I can die with no regrets. That would be great.

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