Toronto May Get A Second NHL Team

the love guru download Jim Balsille might be beaten to the race to have a 7th Canadian team in the NHL.  A consortium that Toronto sources confirmed included businessman Victor De Zen has plans to invest $1 billion for an expansion team. An 11 a.m. press conference at the Rosewater Supper Club in downtown Toronto will unveil the team and arena name, jersey, site plan and renderings of the group, which is aiming to score an NHL expansion franchise for Vaughan, on land owned north of Pearson airport.

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The deed to the land is held by De Zen, the founder and former CEO of Royal Group, a home improvement and building products company he recently parted ways with following the emergence of a scandal over land deals. Reports are that the league is in full support of this proposed deal. This could be one of two expansion franchises the league plans, said the source.

2 thoughts on “Toronto May Get A Second NHL Team

  1. It’s in the city of Vaughan but I think that’s technically a region of Toronto. And I hardly imagine that either Toronto team will win the Cup

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