Tough Week Up Ahead

I fully expect this coming week to be tough with very long hours and little rest. This week is a really busy one at the office and hence I may have to work 6 days a week – I was told 7 days initially but then since I can’t afford to take a leave during Monday-Friday the next week, then I would infact be working 12 days at a stretch. That is crazy and I see no need for it. So I may get next Sunday off and perhaps even Wednesday off. That wouldn’t be so bad.

The timings are also crazy. I am currently training new hire batches and because of a lack of free training rooms I find that I will have to work 1:30 am to 10:30 am. This is one of the worst timings for training possible. And I hate it but it apparently cannot be changed due to the logistical constraints. Struggling for several days and the graveyard shift would be even worse. But I think it will only be for 3 days at the most. That will be murder on me as I can’t get enough sleep during the day at home and I will be glad once it is over.

I have to go grocery shopping tomorrow after work and also perhaps go to an opticians store as the screw on one of nose rests on my spectacles is loose and I’m afraid it will roll off and get lost. It’s hard to wear glasses without a proper nose rest.

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