Toys In The Memory

Do you remember your favourite childhood toys? Let’s see how many of you beyond the age of 30 (like me who is 36) can remember stuff that they payed with 20 + years ago.

I remember a few stuff like my cars. I had several sets of toy cars, some with wind up thingies in them that made them move. My pride and job where the miniature models of the Knight Rider car (a Transam) with a reflector light sticker on the front that made it look like the display on the actual car, KIT! I played with that a lot and it even would be displayed with pride on the front shelves in our living room.

I had a rollercoster type race track with little cars that you could set and have a race with other kids. It allowed 4 cars at one time and it was a fun little activity with friends or cousins. I knew that broke when I tried carrying it up the stairs and it slipped from my hands. Still had the cars till I was 12 and then I packed them away.

I had a lion’s head that was attached to a belt and you could tie it around your waist. A button allowed you to play different roars and sound effects and with lights flashing out of the lion’s eyes and mouth. In the dark it was really cool. Needless to say all the kids loved it as well.

I had a few action figures from the He-man & the Masters of the Universe collection and my favourites were of He-Man and of Prince Adam, his alter ego which came separate. The figures were directly from Mattel, the makers of the comic & cartoon series and hence the resemblance was authentic.

Those are the ones that I can remember off the top of my head. What were yours?

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3 thoughts on “Toys In The Memory

  1. You made me cry a little at your 20 years reference *g*. But, say 35 + years ago *sob* I remember lots! Not only do I remember them but because my mother is still in the same house where I grew up, she still has them. There’s the Fisher Price record player, the school desk chalk board, the walking doll (she just gave that one to V). Cap guns, a lemon you tied around one ankle and skipped over…Barbies (my sister had Cindy), roller skates (the two wheels front, two wheels back, toe stopper kind, man. The recorded books with the bell to turn the page (yes a record). And then my brain stopped *g*

  2. I had a Teddy bear too but I can’t remember much of him. I remember asking my sister about it a while back, to see if she remembered. She said I had it till I was 6 or 7 and then we had to get rid of it because the arm tore off or something. I remember the bear very well but can’t remember what I called him. Teddy? Ted? Ah, it’s too long back.

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