Travel Back In Time

If you could time travel to any year, which one would you visit?

I am not sure. There are a few years that I wish I could go back to and visit my childhood again. Some really special years come to my mind. I really like the first two years of the 1990s. Add 1993 in as well. I think if I could go back I would make quite a few changes to my life and choice and still enjoy the times. Especially since those 3 years had such great music being released as well.

I would also like to revisit my 18th year in life for different reasons. I want to make a few changes for events that happened that year. I think I would like to do that very much. Also I want to go back and visit the period between October 2004 to 2005. I worked a lot during that time but I also had a lot of fun and was very satisfied with the work that I did during that time. I enjoyed myself. I have never ever had that kind of satisfaction again.

For some reason I also want to go and visit August 2nd 2005 once again. That was the day I turned 29. I dunno why but that birthday, a rainy, gloomy day I spent on my own and having a late lunch with drinks always sticks in my memory. I just want to do it again.

Prompt from 31 Days of Writing Prompts for May at The SitsGirls

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