Traveling In The Bus

I travel by bus for anything between 60-90 minutes, depending on the route that the bus takes from my area to the office. A lot of my time is spent staring through the windows or gazing upwards as I listen to mp3s on my phone. Usually I travel by the normal KSRTC buses but I also get the luxury (for us atleast) Volvo buses that KSRTC runs. Sitting in the air conditioned closed off bus, you are relaxed and fresh as you reach your destination and I so enjoy traveling in them.

Here’s what I usually see when I travel in the buses. We need even more of these buses in our state (and the rest of India) cause they make commuting so much more better.

One thought on “Traveling In The Bus

  1. I am a big fan of travelling by bus too. I find it is a really easy, stress free way to travel. Who wants to drive in Sydney traffic? It is a nightmare. I also like to check out all the people on the bus and imagine their stories. It is good fun!

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