Tree Of Life Giving

You’ve got a magic tree: what does it grow?

Bacon! Bacon! Bacon!

Hamburgers and hotdogs! Pizzas – all kind of pizzas and lasagnas and pasta dishes. And beer, vodka, rum, gin, brandy and all kinds of soft drinks and milkshakes. All kinds of food, biscuits, pies, chocolate and candy! Chinese food, Italian food, Greek, Arab, Indian, Thai, Lebanese, etc etc food. All available on the branches of this magic tree! And I want a tree for everyone, each family should have a magic tree in their garden / home!

I am ofcourse equating this magic tree with replicators as shown in Star Trek from the tv shows / movies. What I would love is for everyone, every human, every man, woman & child, every teen, every cat, dog & other animal on this planet to have safe, secure lives and to have easy access to tasty food at the push of a button. Ofcourse the animals can’t really push buttons so we might have to do that for our animal friends and we will. No need to hunt or go spend lots of money and time buying the food or spend hours cooking in a hot kitchen. Food of any kind that your belly and heart desires at your finger tips. Whenever you want it! Zing – it’s there.

From a replicator or other device or a tree – I don’t care. Just get food to everyone cause I hate seeing beings suffer in thirst or hunger!

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