Trichy Trip

Well, like I stated earlier, I left with 4 colleagues on the Trichy-Kochi Express on Sunday night and we reached Trichy early Monday morning. A company cab was waiting to take us to the company guesthouse. A hot cup of tea was the first thing on everyone’s mind (coffee for me) and then after discussing the agenda for the day, we retired to our rooms for a bit of rest.

By 9:30 am, we had shaved & bathed and headed over to the Trichy office. We were taken round the four floors of the center, which is bigger than the one we have in Cochin. Once that was done, I went to sit with my counterpart in Trichy, a guy named Akhil who I had worked with for 6 months in 2007 in Cochin. We caught up and then tried to compare notes. A quick lunch in the cafeteria was followed by more work and a couple of meetings.

At 7 pm we were whisked away back to the guestbook so we could get ourselves refreshed and then it was off to Hotel Ramya’s where a drinks & dinner awaited us. Fish fry, crab, chicken tikka, sausages and some other stuff were accompanied by whiskey & brand – I had beer. I had a biriyani for dinner as did a couple of others and then we retired back to the guesthouse. As soon as I had washed my face & feet and laid down on the bed, I fell into a deep sleep until 4 am when thirst woke me up.

Tuesday was more of the same – we had a huge 3 hour meeting with the HOD team of the Trichy center and had a late lunch. A couple of more meetings later it was time for us to head back to the guesthouse and get ready foran early dinner and then a drive to the railway station. By 8: 30 pm we were on our way back to Cochin, happy about the warm welcome and the visit we had in Trichy. But I was glad to see my room at home again.

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