Trip To Kakkanad

So after another gap of 2 weeks I went out today. I had to go to Kakkanad area for dropping off something. So I arranged for a cab to come and get me at 12 pm and off I went to that area. Due to Covid-19 I must say that the trip to that area was very quick. Hardly any traffic jam or blocks unlike usual. The only stop we faced was at the red light at Kaloor, which is very common, but that lasted for less than 2 minutes.

After that I had to come and get buy some groceries and that meant a big ride all the way to Panampilly Nagar and my second favourite grocery store, Farm Gold. Bought all the stuff I need, which was not much. Then it was off to have lunch, which was a burger, shake & fried at The Burger Junction. The place was almost full and I had to wait for a few minutes before I got a table. Food was enjoyable and awesome.

Then I went to an ATM and got some money out and after that I stopped to buy some medicine. These are all par for the course and I briefly considered going to get some booze but I still have a few left so I skipped that. I paid the driver after he dropped me home and then I went in to get a nap.

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