True Blood – Season 1

Combining dark humour with the supernatural and a mystery to boot, not to mention a whole lot of naked women and sex going on, True Blood was a runaway success from day 1. The HBO series is a huge success around the world. Detailing the co-existence of vampires and humans in Bon Temps, a fictional, small town in the state of Louisiana. The series revolves around a telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse and her lover Bill Compton who is a vampire. In the world on True Blood, vampires live alongside but mostly separate from humans.

Sookie works at Sam Merlott’s bar and her brother Jason is the town’s womanizer and a bit of a doofus. When women he has sex with keep dying, Jason comes under suspicion from the town’s sheriif’s office. However the women being killed have another thing in common – they all have had intercourse with vampires, with the exception of grandma Stackhouse who was killed in her own home possibly because she treated vampires like Bill with respect and also because the real killer came to kill Sookie but was surprised by her grandma.

Bill is different from other vampires in that he likes humans and wants to spend his time with them. He also falls in love with Sookie which amuses the other vampires and she start a romance with him. Jason meanwhile starts a romance with Amy who is an addict of ‘v’ (vampire blood) which behave like an aphrodisiac and hallucinatory drug to humans who take it. When she is also killed while in bed with Jason, he gives himself up thinking that he could be the killer. Adding to the fun is Tara, who is Sookie’s best friend and the daughter of a religious nutcase & alcoholic, Sam Merlott who is a shapeshifter who has a crush on Sookie, which causes some tensions with Bill and some awkwardness with Sookie when his shape shifting abilities are revealed to Sookie.

There are way too many characters and stuff happening for me to rehash them all here but some stand out like the mysterious Maryanne Forrester, a seemingly rich social helper who takes Tara under her wing after she got arrested for a DUI and crash and after she gets disowned by her ungrateful mother. But what is her relationship & history with Sam and is she a shapeshifter from his past? The killer is finally revealed to be Rene, a co-worker of Jason, and who’s real name is Drew Marshall, killing women who associate themselves with vampire, starting off with his sister. When Sookie comes close to finding out his true self, he sets her up to kill her but she is rescued by Sam and Bill who gets burned being out in the sun.

I’m a late entry into the series as I had watched a bit on HBO when it was shown here in India (heavily censored ofcourse) but never followed it. With the fourth season completed I have a lot of catching up to do but with only 12 episodes per season I will get there soon. Good show.

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