Truth Or Dare

Is it possible to be too honest, or is honesty always the best policy?

I think and I believe that the way to go is honesty in most cases. And it’s pretty simple; in a lot of situations you can get away with telling of a couple of lies and be safe in things that you do but what happens when you have to think up another lie to save that first lie? It might be easy to remember them but when it happens again and again and you end up on a chain of lies just to feed that first lie, you end up having to remember a whole lot of things you made up and things will end up in a mess. It is not a good situation to be in when that house of cards you built up falls to the ground in a gust of wind.

Also it’s good to get ahead on the truth and gain something based on the truth and not on fibs. What possible pleasure do you get if you gain something that you have not deserved? All you need is that nagging voice inside you telling you “this is not correct” and you will end up saying the truth. Ensure that you listen to your voice, that is your better judgement telling you to do the right thing. Listen to it! You may have to suffer somewhat for sticking to the truth but overall you will feel better. And not having to rely on those lies will be a huge burden off your shoulders.

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