Tuesday Shopping In Town

These are really hot and humid days. Last night I could barely sleep as I had a pool of sweat right under my head as I lay in bed while watching a movie. Sleep isn’t that fun these nights. Whew!

Today I was out shopping. First I went to Panampillly Nagar to meet a friend and went to ITnet as he wanted to buy a new laptop. We checked out various models until he finally selected one that was just under his budget (4GB ram and 1TB HDD, I forgot the processor but I think it’s core i5) and then went to French Toast for some cold coffees and discussion. I must say that French Toast has a lot of pretty and rich (and in some cases just pretty rich) people, mostly women coming in.


Having done with the coffees I said goodbye and took an Uber to Seemati and went to their 2nd floor Men’s Studio to buy some shirts. I select two, the ones you see in the shot above. Very small selection for the large person. Anyway, I spent 10 minutes there before leaving for Center Mall and shopping for some essentials and a few snacks and some juice in Big Bazaar. After that I went to Burger King for a nice burger and a Pepsi with fries. After that I came back home, sweating and tired.

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