Two Day Sick Leave

I was lucky not to have taken any sick leaves in the past 3 months but that luck died out this week. I am not sure if that was the reason but we had heavy rainfall on Monday and I got wet on my way to work. At night I also made the mistake of drinking some cold drinks as I was tired and wanted a pick-me-up at 1:30 am. Tuesday I was ok but by evening I started to have the sniffles. I started sneezing and I got a blocked nose and a nasty head cold. The terrible smell of the industrial strength carpet shampoo next door was also making things worse.

I managed to eat a hot meal at 8:30 pm but by 10 pm I was suffering a lot. I still had to work and support a new set of employees for 2 hours before I could take my second break. I then rested and did some work till 3 am when I give up and sat with some colleagues and rested my head against the wall as I crashed on a chair. I knew that I wouldn’t be well enough to come to work the next day so I unformed my manager that I might need a leave.

Yesterday I slept a lot and drank a bunch of coffee. Barely ate much other than dinner and some snack in the evening. Same thing today – lots of coffee, some rice and fish at lunch and watched two movies post lunch. By 7 pm my blocked nose was unblocked and I felt better. I felt like eating fried chicken for dinner and ordered some for dad, mom and myself (coleslaw, garlic sauce and a bit of French fries on the side with a tortilla). Now I can relax a bit more and watch a movie or maybe Stargate Atlantis episodes and then sleep.

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