Two Day Weekend

All my working life I’ve loved and longed for the 5 day working 2 day weekend model for companies & employees. To be honest I don’t care which two days of the week it is as long as they are together. My first couple of places, smaller establishments were all 6 day working. When I joined a BPO in Calicut back in July 2002 it was 2 day weekend. In 2003 I came back to Cochin and worked for AspinWall and it was 5 day working and 2 days off but …. 6 months in they changed the format to 6 days working. I moved in the beginning of 2004 to Idea Mobile Communications and it was 5 day working and 2 days off for 2 years until I joined one of their outsourced BPOs and it was 6 days working there.

In 2007 I joined Firstsource SL where till 2009 April I was on a 6 day working week after which I got alternate Saturdays off until I left the company in March of 2011. Since then till now it’s been 6 days working. Here in my new workplace it is a 5 day working and 2 days off (mostly Saturday and Sundays but will change on occasion) and I love it. It’s only been 10 days since I joined them but I still love the weekend. It feels great and I wish everyone could have a 2 day off system, irrespective of which 2 days in the week it is. I think everyone needs it and it is essential for you. One day for going out, running errands or shopping and having fun. The next day to sleep in and relax and watch movies and chill out. Recharge your batteries so to say! And doesn’t everyone need that?

I find myself planning the weekend in advance. Last Saturday was a shopping one till late afternoon and this coming Saturday will be one for paying some bills and maybe lunch with a friend somewhere. Sunday will be spent in bed watching movies & tv shows and online. That’s cool eh?

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