Two Major Events

What an eventful day today has been! While on the one hand I am sad & melancholic as I say goodbye to a beloved team member, we are also in a celebratory mood for a good reason. Yes it’s my dad’s birthday, his 72nd to be exact. Back in January 13th, 1939 my paternal grandparents welcomed their 3rd child into the world – my dad C. Gopal Krishnan.

He would go to Mumbai at the age of 18 and a few years later travel to Kuwait by boat, to go and work in a foreign country he had never heard of before. He joined his brother and a few others who were on their way to what was perceived as the ‘promised land’ for a lot of Indians. A place where they could make a lot more money than at home and make a decent life for their families and themselves. My dad was one of many wide eyed Malayalees who made their living in the Arabian Gulf. He got married by the age of 29 and my sister and I came along. He gave us a good life growing up, with almost anything that any kid could ever ask for. If anything, we were both a little spoiled but we always appreciate the great dad he has always been.

My sister, her husband and 3 kids are at the apartment right now with my dad, mom & me. I had bought some food for the evening – fried rice, naan, butter chicken & garlic fish. All good eats which I’m sure that they will all enjoy. My sister bought some ice cream as well. My bro-in-law, dad & I are also sipping whiskey. I had gone to Oberois bar & restaurant right after work and ordered the food to go, so that we could all enjoy a nice quite evening at home and spend time eating & talking as a family. While waiting for the food to arrive I also had a beer.

Right so that part is done. I will go and join the family for dinner in a few minutes. Today was also the last working day for one of my team members – Anusha. Anusha is a person who I have selected into my team after 4 rounds of an internal job posting. I targeted her as I knew that she was good, molded her and gave her tips. She has since been a strong resource in my team and been a big support. A few issues had crept up but that is mostly due to her private life and hence I really cannot hold that against her. She has always had a strong bond with the others in the team and although she is a noisy & at times annoying with her affection, she will be sorely missed.

She had gotten married back in February and her husband works in Malaysia. She had recently started to get allergies because of the food and water at the hostel that she was staying in. The effect on her health was quite adverse and she had to take some leave due to that. She would get red rashes, swelling of her ankles and feet and find sitting in one place for long a real pain. She has been undergoing treatment for the same and it has has some effect on her ability to continue to work. Anyways, she had to go and join her husband in Malaysia and now was a good time as any. So she resigned a month back and today was the last day in the office. As we normally do, the team bough pooled in money to buy her a going away gift and a cake.

So I say goodbye to another team member. That’s it for tonight I guess. I’m going to enjoy some good food now.

5 thoughts on “Two Major Events

  1. Wish Unni mamma a happy birthday from me please Roshan. I guess that means that my dad turns 72 this year too!
    Speaking about your dad, whom you affectionately call Pappa, I was reminded of many good times in Thrikkakkara, going to the Suburban Club, getting food from that restaurant on the highway (the name of which totally escape me now), and even Pappachan. Ah, those were the days indeed.
    Anyway, please wish him from me – hopefully I’ll get to see him this year

  2. @Manoj I think your dad’s birthday is in June. I can’t remember. The restaurant on the highway is called Sea Gate and the food is terrible there now. They mainly focus on a low cost bar that they have on the rooftop which a lot of locals go to almost everyday, or so I am told. I went there once in 2008 and I hated it.
    Of all things you remember Pappachan? Man I’m sure his spirit is happy right now.

    @Meleah & Selma – thanks my lovelies. I realize that I made a typo and wrote 72th and not 72nd as it should be. Correcting it now.

  3. Roshan, my dad’s birthday is in September. We celebrated it here last year when he came to meet Ryan for the first time.
    Ah, the Sea Gate – that was our “local” for the longest time. If I remember correctly, when I was last there in 2002 we got some food from there.
    I guess I thought of Pappachan because he was a fixture there at Roshni. I also remember your dad watering his plants in the morning, the chai thattu kadda across the street where we used to go and buy vadas from, the many music sessions that we had in your room (us singing rather badly to our favorite rock songs while violently playing air guitar with movements that we thought were really cool, but to an observer might have seemed that we were being electrocuted), preparing the house for a visit from our favorite kleptomaniac cousin, the games of Donkey, and general tomfoolery that we used to get up to. Oh, and the intercom!
    As I said – many fond memories!

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