Two Ring Circus

So I bought two rings from If you have been a regular reader, you may recall that I bought a ring from Jabong back in 2012. I lost that ring in March of this year when I was in the loo at the office and accidentally dropped it in the toilet as it was flushing. Since then I thought I should replace it and get one or two more. So I ordered two from Jabong, from different makers, and for some reason even if I bought them on the same day and in the same shopping cart, they were shipped on different days.


That’s what the site says and I got the first one, pictured above on Friday afternoon, delivered to my home just after I left for work. I came back home and did an unboxing in the wee hours of the night and wore it to the office on Saturday. The other one came yesterday, after I had left for work. So I unboxed it and took a couple of pictures of that as well. The first one cost me just Rs.345 and shipping (around Rs.50 I think) while the second one was Rs.800 and shipping was free.


So what do you think? Do they look nice? I’m not one for gaudy jewellery and gold/precious stones. They have never held much appeal to me but I do like nice casual stuff like these.

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