Types Of Retail Construction

In the retail industry, the look and feel of a building can be crucial to a company’s success. Retail construction requires an awareness of the long-term effects of projects, as well as an efficient design and construction phase. Retail construction is a maze of rules and regulations relating to accessibility, environmental impact, equipment safety, layout constraints, not to mention resource limitations and landlord-related issues. In particular, the latter represents a serious roadblock to success.

Common Retail Project Types:

Buildouts: A buildout involves a contractor demolishing the property on a space in order to rebuild one that fits the needs of the space’s new tenants.
Storefront: In a storefront project, a contractor is hired to remodel the front of a store in order to attract more foot traffic.
Remodels: Remodeling includes renovating and upgrading an existing space.
Rebranding: Rebranding, like remodeling, includes revamping an existing property. However, rebranding is less involved than remodeling and is focused on changing or upgrading the look of the client’s space.
Sustainability: A sustainability project is a project where the contractor helps a company update their space and “Go Green.”
Turnkey: Turnkey projects involve a client hiring a contractor to build or remodel a company for the client to eventually sell.

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