Unable To Attend Bloggers Meet In Cochin

I was so looking forward to it but a combination of feeling a little sick and the head and laziness made me miss the Cochin Bloggers meet @ CCD this evening.

As stated yesterday, there was a open invite from Binny to any bloggers in Cochin who wanted to join in for an hour of drinking coffee and chatting in general about blogs @ CCD in Ravipuram. I was game for it yesterday but I dunno….I guess it just wasn’t my day this Sunday. Oh well, I hope they get together sometime soon and I will surely try to attend it. I’m thinking of starting a blog about Cochin and getting these bloggers to contribute. I wanted something kind of like Metroblogs but I’m not sure if they will be adding my home city anytime soon. So maybe a WordPress or some other kind of free community blogging website that is out there. That’s an idea!

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