Uncertainties Of Life

They may be the usual uncertainties of life but sometimes it’s a very big uncertainty. Will I wake up tomorrow? Will things be the same? Will there be any unpleasant incidents awaiting me tomorrow? Will my family be safe from harm tomorrow?

Of late I’ve been hit with many uncertainties. I want to move to a place of my own and that means a sizable amount of money and commitment to making the move, paying a deposit, commitment to the rent, creating a stricter budget for living on my own and doing my own cooking and laundry or finding an alternative to the last two. With the way that the things are going on at work, I’d rather not take the list. I’m not sure if in a few weeks I will be asked to leave the job or will I be forced to take that decision for myself? Infact a couple of times I’ve wanted to pick up  my stuff, yell a few obscenities to a couple of assholes and throwing a few things around, before turning in my staff card and marching out of there.

I’ve applied to a few more jobs in the hope that I will be able to leave the current one and get rid of a lot of stress & tension and all the baggage that comes with it. I know that several people are not happy with the current situation and want to leave as well. Best thing will be to do it on your own terms so you can leave with your head held high. With dignity and honour and also look cool doing it.

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