Under What Conditions Do You Do Your Best Work?

Under What Conditions Do You Do Your Best Work?

I think I like some peace and quiet and not too many distractions when I am working. I do not like working next to too many people, though I have worked as a call center agent for a long time. I am still in the industry but in a different role so it’s one that I need a bit more space than an agent can get.

I also do not like being rushed or asked to do things at the last moment. I also do not like too much multi-tasking, it’s not good for productivity or efficiency. Let me finish one thing and in between I can do a couple of smaller things as well but it’s better that you do not bother me with too much stuff that takes away from my concentration. And also less nonsensical banter the better.

I do not like too many people dropping by and saying stuff. I do not like to have too much food in between, just coffee and a snack. But I do work best if I can have some candy near me, like hard candy a la Kopiko. That speeds up my work and also keeps me from getting a dry mouth. And ofcourse plenty of water.

Prompt from The Learning Network at The New York Times

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