Undesirable Element

We all have that one eccentric relative who always says and does the strangest things. In your family, who’s that person, and what is it that earned him/her that reputation?

Well I’m glad to say that he is not a blood relative. He is married to a relative of mine. He is a weird fucking idiot bastard son of a bitch. And I am being kind and reserved when I say that. That is the kindest way I can describe this motherfucker. He is an evil incarnate, incredibly shrewd and crooked and cunning.

He has sexually abused one of his own daughters. He was caught by his wife being naked in front of another one of his daughters. He has physically and mentally tormented his wife but in the end he brainwashed her against her family members and she is now on her side. Well that was over 25 years ago but she is firmly on his side, even though he still abuses her. He made her go through 7 Caesarean sections because he wanted a large family. Because his own family can’t stand him and aside from one brother or cousin, they have nothing to do with him. No wonder, he is a horrible person so why would you want to associate with him if you had the choice not to?

Wanna know how crazy he is? In a fit of rage, while coming back home in their car from grocery shopping he would throw things out of the car, drive some more and then stop the car. Then he’d make his wife go and retrieve those things. Again and again. And he is very religious, does poojas in his own home. I remember when his kids were on on summer holidays and he sees them sitting at home in the late afternoons, he would force them to take a bath and go to the temple nearby. For no reason, just because he says so. And some of these kids were past the age of 18 & 20 by then. By order of the jack ass king!

I hope he dies a horrible, long and drawn out painful death!

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2 thoughts on “Undesirable Element”

  1. Bizarre creature ….. how old is he ? ( i.e. how much long will he be around ) …
    Didn’t realize such horrible monsters still existed in this age …
    Surprised that people didn’t get disgusted enough to take matters in their own hands…

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