Unequal Terms

Did you know today is Blog Action Day? Join bloggers from around the world and write a post about what inequality means to you. Have you ever encountered it in your daily life?

Inequality is being pushed to the side while someone else passes because you are deemed to be of lesser value. It’s being seen as inferior or different because you have different ideas or do not follow the norm. Or that you do not have the same set of beliefs as the majority does. It’s having to defend personal & private things to total strangers who flaunt their authority, even if you are doing no harm to anyone or anything – except perhaps their ego and bursting their bubble.

Inequality is also having to do more than someone else just to prove that you are as good, even if your work is as good or even better than others, because you look, dress, talk differently. Or having to constantly be compared and criticized for being different on things that you have no control over or have made a particular choice / stance about. Especially when it is none of their business but they happen to have an opposing view and also happen to be your superior in the office or institute or have more influence than you.

Inequality is when you always end up in the loser’s column and it’s because the odds are stacked up against you.

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