Unexpected Intruders (Fictional Post)

You walk into your home to find a couple you don’t know sitting in your living room, eating a slice of cake. Tell us what happens next.

So here I am one evening walking on home and I reach my apartment and even before I put my keys in the keyhole to unlock the door, I sense that something is amiss. I open the door slowly to hear the sounds of piano music playing from the mp3 player and a strange couple who I have never met before in my life sitting on my sofa and eating a slice of cake on my plates. The couple looked as if they were startled and yet why the bloody hell were there sitting in my apartment and how the hell did they get in? There were in my apartment sitting on my sofa without my permission, eating – well not my cake – from my plates and drinking wine outta my glasses and they had the nerve to give me questioning looks as if to say “How dare you barge in and ruin our evening?”

I demanded an explanation but they gave me none and instead insisted that I was the interloper trespassing on their evening. I got angry at this point and with a fiery temper I moved towards the man and punched him the gut and then hit his back as he bend over in pain. Seeing this the woman screamed and jumped onto of me, grabbing my hair and scratching at my face. I kicked at the guy, making sure to get him in the groin and then grabbed the woman and dragged her down. She tried to kick me in the nuts but I moved my hips just in time so she hit me in the thigh instead. It did hurt but not as much as it would have had she connected to my groin area. Seeing no other option, as she was flaying away with her arms and legs, I slapped her so hard that her glasses flew from her face and that killed the fight in her. I grabbed her hands and pulled them back so I could hold her from behind.

And then I used my free hand to call the cops who came in and arrested them. Apparently these were an infamous thieving couple who went out breaking into other people’s homes by picking the locks and taking temporary residence there while they clean out the jewellery, money and any electronic stuff and any goodies that they could sell on the black.

Prompt from the Daily Post at WordPress.com.

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