Unfair & Ridiculous Comparisons To Hitler

There is a stupid trend for people to compare a strict authoritarian figure to Hitler. Like a cop or a politician/minister or a teacher, parent or adult in their life or even your boss.  That’s not even close! Like someone I was discussing this with on Twitter said “Spreading memes that ANYONE is “Hitler” insults those that lived thru the Hell Hitler created”.

I just find it idiotic to call a college professor Hitler because he is a hard task master. There’s even an Indian movie that starts off with a tough college professor doing that in his first class when his rowdy class of young teens introduce themselves to him as famous people throughout history. So in the end he says, “Ok, I haven’t introduced myself – I am Hitler!” and the beginning credits roll as the audience is left to assume that the kids in the class will have a tough time with this characters taking their class. Similarly another movie from the mid 90s is actually called Hitler – so named because the lead actor’s character, the older brother and head of a family is a strict disciplinarian and rules the household which consists of his 5 younger sisters. The nickname “Hitler” was given to him by young men in the neighbourhood who want to woo the sisters but have faced the wrath of the older brother. What the fuck? And to my chagrin there was even a “Hitler” brand of shirt for a while!

Ofcourse this is not something unique to India, it’s the habit of a lot of people to tag a famous name to someone or something to show the qualities of that person or something but calling someone Hitler if you haven’t seen or gone through the atrocities committed by the Nazis is just plain stupid. Another one is “9/11”- as in “this was my/our 9/11!” I am aghast! And usually the comparison pales so much that it is just ridiculous. So the next time you see or hear someone calling a person “Hitler” ask “Really? So many millions of Jews did he torture, imprison and kill?”

Really people!

4 thoughts on “Unfair & Ridiculous Comparisons To Hitler

  1. totally agree, people should be careful before nicknaming someone hitler.i admit i have done this during my engineering days and regret it after reading your article! thanks!

  2. I will be worse than Hitler if need arises: KCR

    Hyderabad, Aug 17, 2014, DHNS:

    Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao on Sunday said that he would be a “Hitler” for anyone robbing public wealth.

    Speaking to reporters at his camp officer after the much-publicised meeting with his AP counterpart Chandrababu Naidu at Raj Bhavan, Rao said he was always available and ready to resolve issues pertaining to people’s interest, but was not interested in settling scores or engaging in verbal duels for political one-upmanship.

    “I would be worse than Hitler, if the need arises, to stop illegalities,” said KCR Rao defending his decision to weed out bogus ration cards by conducting a Rs 20-crore day-long survey.

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