Uniform. I think the person who submitted the one word prompt probably meant it for another reason but when I think of the word uniform, I think of the school uniforms I wore in my 3 schools.

I was born in Kuwait and I went to two schools during my 11 years there. My first school was called Carmel School, run by nuns mostly from India (a lot of the schools in Kuwait were owned and run by Indians) and our school uniforms were dark blue pants and lighter blue shirts with dark blue ties (blouses and skirts for the girls). And during the winters we had dark blue sweaters. I went to this school until the 4th grade.

My second school, New Indian School, was only for grade 5 as I left Kuwait in 1987. So for 1986-87 I went for the afternoon classes for boy (they had segregation for boys and girls past the 4th grade, a rule in Kuwait not by Indians) and we had white shirts, blue ties and dark blue pants for boys. In the winter, dark blue sweaters. And then I moved to India.

For the next 5 years I went to Hill Valley High School (until grade 10 after which I went to a pre-degree 2 year course in a college, instead of 11 & 12 grades in a school, which were the norm back then). Our uniform was bottle green pants, a light cream colour shirt with green spots and a dark green tie with the school logo in yellow! People could spot us coming from a mile away!

Prompt from The Daily Post at WordPress.com

2 thoughts on “Uniform

  1. Geez that Hill Valley High School uniform was terrible…
    Wondered who came up with it, needed a tight slap!

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