Unplanned Going To The Office & A McDonald’s Visit

I had to go to the office for a couple of hours yesterday even though I was off. On Friday night I got to know about something that I had missed and that it was due on Monday. I wasn’t sure how I managed to miss this and hence I just had to go in on Saturday. So I woke up at 7 am, an hour later than I usually do for this shift and got ready by 10 am post having a shower, a shave and breakfast. I booked an Uber a little after that and reached the office by 10:45 am.


Most of the people from the night shift had already left by then and I only saw a handful of folks slowly making their way out of the elevator. I went in, put my bag and phone away and grabbed a work desktop on the 5th floor production floor and plugged in my laptop as well. I logged in and started on the 1st of 8 tasks. By 11:45 am I wanted a coffee but instead got a cold boost & banana smoothie, which did not taste all that well. I was feeling a bit hungry so I had a small bite to eat but I was saving room for lunch.

I had finished 3 tasks by then and got back to finishing the remaining 5 tasks. 3 of them were done very quickly, much to my surprise and I knew that I would finish much earlier than I expected. I was done by 1pm and then closed everything after making sure there was nothing else left. I was done at the front door 20 minutes later and booked a cab, which took over 20 minutes as there as a traffic block near the office. I got my cab and then headed to the McDonald’s in Vytilla.


I haven’t had an McDonalds in over 7 months, maybe almost 8. I haven’t been to a McDonalds since before the pandemic lockdowns. I wanted to go in and it was a busy afternoon for them. I ordered a new burger that they had, a Piri Piri Spicy McChicken and some 6 nuggets with a regular mocha frappe. Now I have never had any coffee from McDonalds other than a cappuccino before this. And I love their cappuccino. This one is really good as well. I enjoyed that with my burger and nuggets. Even though the place was noisy and crowded, I enjoyed my lunch and then came home to change, put on the ac as it was a hot day and slip between the sheets to watch Ace Ventura : Pet Detective.

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