watch romeo is bleeding online As of this evening 7 pm, I will not be contactable by cell phone! It’s just for a couple of days, possibly only half a day. My Samsung E250 died on me – first it was only the display and now the battery is dead and won’t recharge – and I can’t afford to buy another one at the moment. Not until pay day at the 1st of November.

So I am cell phone less. I have removed my sim from the Samsung and kept it in my purse, ready to put it in a phone as and when I get one. I had borrowed a phone from a colleage and I was using it for a few days but I felt that I had better give it back as there’s only so many days that I can keep it.

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What does it feel like? Well, this is the very first time since August 2003 that I don’t have a cell phone next to me. I have always been reachable on my cell at all times; I never switch it off at all. I always make sure to charge it completely before I leave the house. I always, always have a cell phone with me. I’ve changed my cell phone 6 times but never spent anything more than 30-60 minutes without being reachable. And I’ve worked in the mobile industry in (two different Indian GSM cell phone provider’s customer care) from Jan 5th, 2004!

Considering all that, I feel fine. I know that I can’t be called up tonight or tomorrow until I reach the office. Then people will have to contact me at my phone extention. For 9 hours they can reach me. Then I will be off. I wonder how it’s going to be tomorrow when I go through an entire day without a phone.

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