Unstable Guy Kills Himself

We have a maid who comes to our apartment everyday for a couple of hours or so, with the exception of Sundays and some holidays. She sweeps & cleans the apartment and does some washing of clothes and helps in some kitchen work (cutting up stuff, cleaning stuff) during these 2.5 to 3 hours and she does this for about 2 or 3 houses/apartments in the area before she winds up for the day in the evening. This post is about her and her family.

This maid has two daughter, a young girl of about 10, who I have seen, and another of about 18 who I have not seen. A couple of days ago she did not turn up at our apartment and she didn’t call my mom to inform her that she won’t be coming in (which she usually does when she is unable to turn up). When she came in the next day, my mom casually asked her what happened and why she didn’t turn up – on being asked this, the maid started crying on the spot. My mom was worried and asked her why she was crying.

Turns out that a 22 year old neighbour of the maid approached her and asked her for her daughter’s hand in marriage. Her husband wasn’t at home at the time so she said that 1) her daughter was too young at just age 18, 2) she is still studying and wants to study further and 3) she needed to check with her daughter and her husband, once he got home, and discuss with them as well. She never said anything else rude or attacking and left it at that since he was a neighbour and someone who she has seen quite a lot over the last few years. He seemed upset and said ok and he left. After he left she spoke to her daughter who said that she wasn’t interested in him anyway and they left it at that and they felt it would be best that the father handle it once he comes and speaks to the boy’s parents. Ok – she didn’t get the change to do so because – the guy went ahead and KILLED HIMSELF!! The fucker went and hung himself to death!

This happened late in the evening and at night and throughout the next day the cops were at their house and the neighbourhood and it was all pandemonium around their little area. This was why she couldn’t turn up that day and she was crying because she felt that she was responsible for that 22 year old guy killing himself! What a nightmare!

5 thoughts on “Unstable Guy Kills Himself

  1. Are you for real about this. This is simply disgusting!…Cant imagine people throw away their lives without even knowing the value of it. Just thinking about how his family would have taken this.

  2. Hmmm…strange guy .. *sigh*…probably naive… young love, emotional,etc …couldn’t handle rejection ….awww…

  3. Viji – yes it’s real. He was an immature knucklehead. I find it sad that his family should suffer his spontaneous decision to kill himself.

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