This is the very cool video for Untitled, a song by Indian alternative rockers Blakc from Mumbai. After years of Hindi language rock (which is nothing but poser music) and two ridiculously lame Bollywood movies about rock bands singing in Hindi with actors that cannot do squat, this is refreshing. I really like the track.

2 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. That is actually a really good song. I don’t listen to a lot of Indian bands because I always associate them with Bollywood-style music but this is really good. I like it a lot!

  2. There are a few rock bands. When MTV & Channel V arrived in India, some of the bands got highlighted and we had a good rock scene with a great Independence Day rock festival that supported Indian bands. Then unfortunately, the channels changed Indian, rock bands fell out of favour, A R Rahman & his crap got popular and it was focus on local language music and Bollywood style nonsense. For some years Hindi-rock bands, which were nothing more than Bollywood songs with an actualy band playing them, instead of the Indian orchestra type thingy, were a big thing. There’s even two hit Bollywood movies about such music. I avoid them like I’d avoid the plague.

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