Unusual things Seen While On Public Transportation?

I’ve used public transport for the most part of my adult life. I’ve owned a bike for a while but I sold that baby a long time ago. I use auto rickshaws for getting round in the city area and closer areas to my residence and the bus for longer distances. The buses in Kerala or Cochin atleast are always a good place to get your weekly entertainment – stuff that you don’t usually see anywhere else. Pickpockets and thieves are a plenty and you may sometimes have to be vigilant or they will expertly cut your pocket with a blade and whisk away your wallet and anything else that you can find. This used to be a lot more prevalent in some parts of the district and is under control for the most part now but still from time to time you do find the odd case.

I’ve on occasion seen people carrying birds in cages in the buses. A pigeon or two and maybe a parrot. One guy I sat next two at the very last seat had a couple of live chickens in a basket – obviously to be cooked back at home. Some people do like to raise chickens for fresh eggs at their home if they have some space in their backyard. Another guy had a kitten with him – a really tiny newly born kitten that he was taking home as a pet! The coolest was a squirrel that a guy kept with him wherever he went, tucked in a little pocket. The squirrel would stay close to him at all times and he told me that he took it to work everyday.

Other than that I’ve seen the usual stuff like guitars, violins, the odd wind instrument or two, tennis, cricket & badminton equipment and perhaps even some football gear. Computers, laptops, network equipment, bathroom fittings, baskets and buckets – you name it, I have seen it in a bus!

2 thoughts on “Unusual things Seen While On Public Transportation?”

  1. Your bus rides sound really interesting. I’ve never seen anyone carrying bathroom fittings on the Sydney buses. LOL.

  2. Hehehe – a duo had a full set of shower heads and stuff. Their bike had a flat tire and they had to deliver these spare parts to a showroom within the hour so they had to take the bus.

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