Update From Gurgaon

So hey folks, its been a while hasn’t it? I haven’t been able to blog as usual as I have a problem with the laptop. It seems that the driver for the wifi option hasn’t been installed on it and hence although the wifi works fine in the hotel, I can’t connect to it using my computer. But it works fine on my Android.

Also yesterday they had a problem with the wifi yesterday and we were only getting minimal speeds, enough to check Whatsapp and messages in Facebook but that’s all. So what has been happening? Well, we have completed 3 days of the 8 day training. Its been going really well and we are having a lot of fun. And learning a lot too. Tomorrow is a shortened day at work and I think we should leave early from the training venue, atleast by 4pm. That will give us a bit of spare time to get to a mall do a bit of shopping and maybe get a bite to eat outside.

So far I have been getting up by 6am and shaving and showering and getting ready by 8am. We have coffee and breakfast and hail an Uber or Ola cab and get to the venue which is just 10-15 mins away and we attend the training till 6pm. As we don’t know the area well we usually hail another Uber and come straight back to the hotel. We have coffee and maybe a snack and the watch tv in our respective rooms. By 8:30pm I order room service and watch a movie or something and fall asleep by 11pm.

But tomorrow we might explore a little bit. Oh yeah and I changed rooms this evening as the staff asked me if I didn’t mind giving up my window facing room for one that didn’t have one, as they had a guest arriving who insisted on having one. I was ok with it and quickly moved.

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