Updated To WordPress 3.8 aka “Parker”

Uptil a few weeks ago I had completely been ignoring updating any of the themes, plugins or even the WordPress version in my blog for the past year or so. That caused me some problems with my blog’s webserver and I had my blog / website blocked temporarily as it was creating alerts to them and they emailed me about it. Fortunately I was able to contact them and they unblocked it for me and asked me to do the updates and delete any plugins & themes that I wasn’t using.

A quick check saw that I had about 7 to 8 plugins that I could delete and around 6 that needed updating desperately. Also I had so many themes installed and out of date version wise when I don’t use any of them and have been using this current theme exclusively for a little over 2 years. So I quickly updated everything I needed and deleted all the crap I wasn’t using and had no intention of ever using again. But after I updated WordPress (3.7. something) I noticed that I couldn’t view the ‘Visual’ option when I wanted to make a new post. It was so frustrating but I managed by just using the HTML tab. I tried reinstalling WordPress but that didn’t solve the issue. I did a manual upload & update and that didn’t work either.

Today morning I saw that they had a new version out, 3.8 or “Parker”, so I updated it from the dashboard hoping that it would solve my problems. It updated it but didn’t solve the problem. Then I deleted some of the WordPress folders and manually uploaded & reinstalled WordPress again but it still wasn’t solving the problem. Then I went online  and tried asking people on Facebook & Twitter if they knew how to solve this issue.

Finally I found the answer by goggling it and finding the answer in a Wodpress problem. It is a common issue for some people or so it seems. Maybe it is only with Firefox but anyway, it’s done and I’m happy. Also, I am loving the new awesome look of version 3.8. Very improved and sleeker looking!

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