Upgraded To The Coltrane aka WordPress 2.7

At the rate that the good ole folks down at  WordPress are going, we’ll be upgrading WordPress version every other week. I had moved to WordPress 2.6.2in October and then to version 2.6.3 in November and no sooner did I get used to that when they started announcing that there was a new version, 2.6.8 or something. “How many times were they going to do this?”, I though to myself.

Well, pretty soon after that I saw the link that was letting me know that they had an even newer version out – 2.7 or “Coltrane” as they had nicknamed it. I’ve  downloaded it & upgraded (???)  my blog software. It has an entirely new looking interface which is cool, except that its mostly grey in colour. They’ve used user feedback and changed the design and it does seem more user friendly. They promise it will be quicker and it’s proven to be that so far as I can tell.

Coolest things is the new dashboard that you can arrange with drag and drop to put the things most important to you on top, QuickPress, comment threading, paging, and the ability to reply to comments from your dashboard, the ability to install any plugin directly from WordPress.org with a single click, and sticky posts.

And they also promise that this may be the ” last time you ever have to manually upgrade WordPress again.” The new WordPress “includes a built-in upgrade that will automatically notify you of new releases, and when you’re ready it will download them, install them, and upgrade your blog with a single click.” Wow! I love you guy if that comes to fruition. We’ll I love you guys anyway cause WordPress is the best.

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