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I have some hopes for my blog, humble as it is. I’ve been blogging since 2002, althought it was sporadic till early 2005. Mainly due to the fact that I didn’t own a computer and internet connection at home. So I would go to an internet cafe 3 times a week and spend a few hours each time in blogging and reading blogs and surfing the net. I created an account with bloggers and got a blogspot blog up and running while living in Calicut. At the time it was mainly to keep a record of my life in Calicut and as such I focussed a bit more on that but soon it became a general life blog. But it became a huge mess and in October of 2005, I stopped using that blog and moved to a new blogspot account in countroshculla.blogspot.in.

With the new blog I was not only more frequent but I developed my style and content to make it more about not just stuff that happened to me, movies/tv/music reviews but also about my thoughts, feelings and ideas – which was missing in the old blog. Dare I say that I had a purpose in blogging now, expressing myself in the best way that I know how to. This continued on in 2006 until the 1st of January, 2011 when I setup this website & blog. And you can go through the archives to see how it has gone on since that time.I had booked my URL from Canoetech and for my webserver space, I chose Total Choice Hosting – both recommended to me by my cousin. The first is run by his college friend and the second was a client of his then employers and now he works for them directly.

So, as for the URL, November 14 is the last date to renew it as I had registered it in November of 2006. At Rs.500 for a year I should be renewing it for a few years at a stretch but I purposely do it only for a year – just to keep in touch with the owner and see if I get some offers once in a while. Anyways, today I renewed the URL for another year – besides it would be prudent to see if the world ends on December 21 of this year or not.

4 thoughts on “URL Registered For 2013

  1. I started blogging in 2006. I had no intention of keeping it up, but here we are 6 years later still at it, even though very few people visit or comment now.

    This made me giggle: “it would be prudent to see if the world ends on December 21 of this year or not” lol

  2. Well you never know – I’m gonna close my eyes on the 20th, wake up on the 21st and hug my loved ones and wait till it’s later afternoon on the 22nd to confirm if it is safe.

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