URL Renewed For Another Year

I’ve just renewed my blog & website URL, awakeanddreaming.org, this morning. It’s mine for another 365 days as I always renew it for another year.

Having your own blog/website domain is cool and, since think since it is quite cheap to own a .com or .org, makes total sense. I remember back in November 2006 when I was checking out online what domain name I wanted for my website. I wanted something that would represent me and my blog, my idea and who I am. I narrowed it down to a few choices like roshanonline.com, rgkonline.com, CountRoshculla.com & some other that I don’t remember. Finally I settled on Awake & Dreaming because I day dream a lot when I’m alone and the dreams I have are so much more interesting than real life so it sounded cool.

However, AwakeandDreaming.com was already taken and I saw that they had the .org available plus there was special discount of Rs.400 for the first year due to some sales scheme from that particular seller (owned by my cousin’s pal) and so I chose my url for just Rs.100! Every year since then I’ve been paying Rs.500 (the actual cost) around the second week of November and renewing my account. So it’s signed up till November 14, 2012.

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