USB Device Manufacturers Stole My Idea

I hope all of you know & have used a USB internet device (dongle as some people call them) on your desktop or laptop or netbook. I have one myself although I won’t be using it for much longer; I’m gonna be cancelling the service as I do not think I need one at the moment. But the reason that I am blogging about it today is that the companies who create & sell these devices should be paying me royalty because they stole the idea from me!

My imagination is quite active and I thought about about such a device way back in 1998! Well it wasn’t the USB device like it is now but still the main idea was still the same. I started going to an internet cafe once a week for a couple of hours in 1998 and missed using the net for the rest of the time. I had only seen laptops in tvs series myself. So I thought wouldn’t it be cool if there was a device which connect to the net and was portable enough to carry it around along with the laptop. Ofcourse I didn’t know the USB device shape and so I envisioned a mini-satellite dish, the size of a large coffee mug which you could connect to your laptop and it would connect to the internet for you. That was my dream and my imagination created it. And these companies stole my idea! They owe me billions of dollars for this.

I will sue!

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