Using IRC After Almost 6 Years!

I haven’t used regular random online chat (using a program called MiRC) in ages. I used to use it all the time till about 5 or 6 years ago. And now I got a reminder as to why I don’t use it.

Random person comes to do a personal chat with me (handle shall be withheld to protect the “innocent”

She : Hello. I like your handle. Do you want to chat?

Me : Ok, nice to meet you. How are you?

She : I’m great. I’m 21 .f. florida A/S/L please?

Me (thinking, she’s gonna think I’m way to ancient) : 37.m. kochi

(Now admittedly, I forgot to put India instead of just Kochi or Kochi, India since Kochi or Cochin isn’t very well know but….)

She : Oh how wonderful! Are you excited for the Olympics there?

****dumbfounded silence on my part*****

She : Wait a minute – how do you know English? Aren’t you a Russian?

Me : No, not Sochi. Kochi. It’s a city in South India.

She : India? You’re an India? How do you know English? Don’t you speak Indian over there? This is a trick!

Me: Goodbye!

And with that I closed my MiRC application!

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