V : The Final Battle

The second mini-series in the V franchise was shown on television in 1984 was played out over three episodes, set several months after the events of the original miniseries. The resistance has just been thwarted at the attempt to stop a human food processing unit. Robin Maxwell’s pregnancy is known by all members and the impending birth is a case of alarm for all.

At a visitor conference to announce a cure for cancer, the resistance infiltrates the venue & attack. The commander John is unmasked in front of live television by Julie, who is later captured by Diana’s troops and taken through a horrible conversion process. Meanwhile two new people join up (although a bit by force) the resistance – anti-hero Ham Tyler (Michael Ironside) and his associate Chris Faber. They two of them help the resistance to escape from their hideout when the visitors attack.

Diana has some problems – Julie is a tough nut to crack and there’s new threat to her in the form of newly arrived Squadron Commander Pamela (Sarah Douglas). Julie is rescued at the visitor headquarters in LA but Ruby is killed by Daniel Bernstein, a human who works with the visitors. The resistance also disrupts the alien plan to steal all the water in California, where Mark is killed. Later in exchange for his son, Mike gives himself up to the visitors. Martin (Frank Ashmore) helps Mike escape from the mothership after he is outted as the 5th columnist who is helping the humans.

Robin goes into labour and gives birth to fraternal twins – a human girl with a forked tongue and an alien boy who dies in a few days. The girl, Elizabeth, grows at an astonishing rate and is soon the equivalent of a 8-9 year old girl. Meanwhile, the reason for her brother’s death is found to be a bacteria deadly to the aliens – a toxic substance to the visitors known as Red Dust. It is tested on Brian, the one responsible for impregnating Robin, by herself.  With this weapon, the plans begin to attack the aliens. A vaccine is also developed to safeguard the 5th columnist aliens who help the humans.

Afraid of what will happen to Elizabeth, Father brings her to Diana, who is intrigued by the ‘star child’. The attack begins and the aliens on earth are either killed by the dust or leave in their ships. The huge ships leave orbit much to the joy of the humans. Diana manages to escape on a shuttle as the humans begin the celebrations.

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