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Today after many months I went to my old office in Kalamassery as I needed to apply for my PF to be transferred to my bank account. I should have done it a long back and although the last time I was there I actually took a copy of the form to fill up but I didn’t send it in. Today felt like a good day to go and so I left by 11:45 am and reached there just before 1pm. I was delayed as I waited a long time at the bus stop as most buses headed towards that side were crowded.

I signed in the visitors log and then met with some of the employees including two of my former team members. I also met some of my friends from my years there and it was good to see some of my former trainees too. I had a nice long chat with them as I filled in and submitted my application. By 3pm I left the office and had a late lunch at hotel Mezban – the scene of many lunches with the team and colleagues over 4 years. Ah! I was sitting there by myself but surrounded by memories. I reached home by 4pm, very quick trip back considering the long time it took me to reach the office.

For Christmas eve dinner, my folks and I ordered in fried chicken from Roosters a new KFC style restaurant that started recently. They are quite near my apartment and delivered the order – 8 piece chicken, 6 buns, 1 litre Coke and 2 large French fries – in 25 minutes. Yum!

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