I’ll watch anything with Paul Rudd in it and yes anything with Jennifer Anniston in it. Cause Paul is a funny, sarcastic dude and Jennifer is……Jennifer. Directed by David Wain and produced by Judd Apatow, Ken Marino, Paul Rudd & Wain, Wanderlust is a 2012 comedy movie with some of that inappropriate comedy stuff that Apatow is known for and which I love. It didn’t quite work in this movie and although I did laugh out loud at some of the hilarious shit, overall it doesn’t quite work.

Rudd & Anniston play a married couple, George & Linda, who have just bought a really expensive and tiny micro-loft in Manhattan. George is expecting a promotion while Linda is trying to sell a documentary to HBO. Soon after purchasing their home, George learns that his company has folded, overnight, while HBO rejects Linda’s documentary. With both of them out of jobs and money going to be tight, they decide to sell the loft for a loss and go to meet George’s obnoxious and rich older brother Rick and his wife Marissa with the promise of a  job. On their road trip they decide to stop at a B&B Elysium, which is on a hippie community land. However spooked by a fully naked man, nudist Wayne, they reverse the car and promptly turn it over and have to stay at the B&B. They meet the various residents of Elysium, including Seth, Eva and Elysium’s owner Carvin. George and Linda spend the night feeling more alive than before. In the morning, everyone helps flip George’s car back so they can leave, but Seth urges them to consider staying.

The next day they leave for Rick’s house and George takes up a job in his brother’s company but gets angry one morning after a patronising rant by Rick and he takes Linda back to Elysium, where they are welcomed back. George is excited about the simpler lifestyle while Linda is hesitant. After a few days however, Linda starts feeling enlightened by the lifestyle while George begins having second thoughts. They soon find out that free love is encouraged although the couple reject it. At the same time, Elysium is being targeted by property developers to build a casino on the property, but they are unable to until they have the deed to the land, which Carvin misplaced. When the developers bring bulldozers to the property, Linda scares them off by flashing them and the other residents join her, making her a hero of the community. George then demands that they leave, saying that if they stay, they would have to give in to ‘free love’. Linda wants to stay and has sex with Seth. George is pressured to have sex with Eva, but he drives her away with his bizarre behavior. The next morning, George reaches breaking point, stating that he dislikes the rules of Elysium and wants to leave. Linda wants to stay, so George goes back to Rick’s house alone.

Seth decides that he wants to live separately with Linda, believing he has found a soul mate in her and meets up with the property developers and gives them the deed he found in exchange for $11,000. He plans to use that money to set u house in Florida with Linda. A child from the commune witnesses the burning of the deed by Seth and the man that wants to build the Casino. Seth tells Linda that he wants to go away from Elysium and that the others can look after themselves. Linda refuses. Later George realize he has made a mistake and goes to get Linda back. At Elysium he gets into a fight with Seth and Linda comes to her husband’s aid. The child that witnesses the burning of the deed by Seth tells the commune what happened and George punches Seth in the jaw. The ending of the movie shows that a copy of the deed is brought to the house by one of Carvin’s former partners and there is a reunion of his old friends. George and Linda start a publishing company, with their first book being a political thriller novel written by Wayne. The novel is then fast-tracked into a film adaptation starring Ray Liotta.

I loved most of the comedy and the ludicrous jokes and scenes – Rudd practising his “dirty talk” in the mirror is the highlight – but the movie just didn’t do that great for me. The movie flopped at the box office, unable to make back it’s $32 million budget. But it’s still good for some laughs. 7 outta 10!

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