Watching Young Couple From Next Door

Every morning after I get up, brush my teeth & wash my face, I get my first cup of coffee and go to my bedroom window or the balcony. It’s not just to get some fresh air and take in the morning sun. It’s to stare loving at the couple from the big house that’s diagonally opposite my building!

The family that owns the house also owns the land that’s adjucent to the building in which I live in. This land has a storage shack, lots of grass, sand and some coconut trees. The young couple come there every morning, led by a man who opens the gate for them and locks it after there. Here the young couple run for a bit and frolick in the grass. I’m sure that they both look forward to this hour or so of freedom that they get every morning.

They jump up and down, chase each other, hide behind the trees and lick each other. Sometimes, they are content to just lie on the grass in the morning sun and watch as people go by. I always enjoy watching the young couple from 7 stories up. But I want to be closer, I want to touch them and spend some time with the two of them. The only time that I do not want to be with them is when the couple also take a dump in the grass or sand of the open lot. Yes, they shit in the grass.

Cause they are both, approximately, 2 year old golden labradors. And they are grogeous.

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