We Can Be Taught

What makes a teacher great?

I believe that a great teacher is one who puts in her/his 100% into the class and the lessons that are to be taught and also to the students in the class room. If the teachers wants to really influence the students they have to be passionate about what it is that they teach to the class. Not just some 9-4 job that they come, do like any other job and then sign off at the end of the day and go home to drink endless cups of tea or coffee in the comfort of their living room. Nothing bad in that but that’s not what the students of today need.

The teachers can really inspire and influence a student(s) into picking up a book, learning a new language, learning about the history of the world, choosing the right college courses and classes and even carving out a career path for them. It depends on the knowledge, communication skills and the passion and drive that the teacher has. Also she/he needs receptive students who are willing to learn but they can still mold the minds of the brats who do not care and make them into responsible and enthusiastic learners and focused youths who will go on to contribute to society in a positive manner.

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