We Go Up In Flames

I had this weird dream a few days ago. It was once again while living in my old family house in Thrikkakara (oh how I miss that place) and I think in this dream I was a lot younger than I am now. And it feel so weird & tragic but there is a humourous element in the end or more like black humour.

Anyways in this dream there are some visitors in my house and they all either leave the house for a while or go and sit in the farthermost  part of the house or something like that. All I know is that when I start the dream I am alone in the front of the house and playing with two dogs who are not mine but belong to a friend of mine. These two big dogs – funny that they should be in my dream because I have never met the owner or the dogs, she is an online friend of mine. Anyway I think those are her dogs, they certainly look like them. She isn’t in this dream by the way. So there I am playing with these dogs in the front yard, throwing a tennis ball for them to chase and fetch. A little later, a baby less than 2 year old who belongs to a lady who has come to visit my family comes to the verandha as she wanted to watch the dogs.

I initially do not notice her as I have my back to the house. A postman comes to the front gate and I open it to sign for a package and take the package from him. As I do this, the dogs sneak out through the semi open gate and run onto the road. Panicking I go and place the package on the front porch and turn around to get the dogs back when I notice that the baby girl has walked out to the gate and gone up to the dogs. She wanted to pet them and in her excitement she wandered off without me noticed. Really scared now I run out to the road and try and get the dogs & the baby back inside. The dogs have now surrounded the baby and they are as curious about her as she is about them. Two things happen at once; the girl reaches out to cuddle one of the dogs and at the same time a big truck honks a loud horn in a sudden blast as it passed by. Frightened & angered by the noise, one of the dogs bites off a large chunk of the baby’s head. The baby is killed instantly! I scream and shout at the dogs but it is too late. I pick up the dead baby in my arms with tears in my eyes. I don’t know what to do and I also don’t want people to see that the dog has bitten her and caused her death. So I place the baby in middle of the road and cover her with leaves and wait for a big vehicle to run over her and hope that tires going over her will hide the dog’s jaw marks on her head.

This happens and I pick the baby up and bring her to the house as people gather. I tell them that I found her on the road – she was not attended to, I didn’t see her sneak out and going out the gate as I was occupied. The mother of the baby is hysterical and crying out loud as to some other people. As people look about the road, I am plagued with guilt on knowing the truth and cannot stand it anymore. I don’t want to live, so crying I run to the garage and find a large can of fuel and pour it all over me. The mother of the baby sees me and knows something is up. She runs to me and grabs the rest of the fuel and just as I light a match on me and go up in flames, she douses herself and grabs onto me. The two of us are in flames and people are shocked on seeing this and are stunned in silence and do not move to do anything. And here is the weirdest part – something is wrong; we are both burning but we don’t seem to be in much pain. After a moment or two – and I can laugh about this part now – black or death metal music plays outta no where and me and this lady start to sing in that style while writhing around in flames!!! Obviously we aren’t dying though or bodies are burning in the flames and we keep singing to the music, death metal style like we were performing on stage!

And then I woke up! A bit shocked, a bit shaken and thoroughly confused. If dreams are meant to symbolize something, what the hell does this one mean???

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  1. LoL… Halfway through the post / dream I really wished I hadn’t started reading this… Good I didn’t leave it there, it did make me laugh…

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