We Rock, You Suck!!

Ha, I’ve been ranting about this for a while now but let’s kick it up over here once again. One of the phrases or slang words that I hear a lot is “(insert name of company/product/person/movie/event) rocks!”. Or this thing is rocking and it rocks. Now I mean this mainly for my fellow Indians and I tried to take it in stride people, believe me, I really did but it is just getting on my fucking nerves. Indians over use this phrase “rocks or rocking” so much that it has lost it’s original meaning and the one connected to rock music so badly. And being a rocker & a music lover – it pisses me off!

So let’s get this correct – Hindi movies or Bollywood movies do not rock! I don’t care if you get a big bombastic budget and a blasting soundtrack by that asshole A R Rahman! I also do not care if you have a movie about a rock band or call the movie rock star – it’s usually just a poser who doesn’t know anything about rock music pretending to play guitar anyway! And your crowd for these videos – come on can they be any more lame ass? That goes for Tamil movies too! Fashion shows do not rock! Politicians do not rock! And Anna Hazare does not rock and neither is a rock star!!!

Cricketers do not rock and they suck in the commercial ads too! Models do not rock! Indian Classical music is not rocking & classical musicians do not rock! Pop music is not rocking! A public event without a rock band or rock music is not rocking. Use some other terms or phrases; why do you have to steal from us rockers? I know it is cool but stealing is still stealing!! So get with it!

Indus Creed are rocking or were rocking until they split up. Millenium were rocking – I do not know if they gave up the music business. Parikrama were rocking and they are still around. And from down south where I am from, Avial rocks. The band and not the curry of the same name. All these bands are Indian, so what’s your excuse? Get it right people.

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One thought on “We Rock, You Suck!!

  1. It could be worse. I know someone who says everything is ‘AMAZING.’ Drives me freaking crazy. This is how a conversation with her goes – How was your dinner? AMAZING!!! How was your weekend? AMAZING!!!! What do you think of the weather? AMAZING!!!! How was that last visit to the bathroom? AMAZING!!!! LOLZ.

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