Weather Change On A Large Scale

By now most of you would have read reports & seen some of the images of snow hitting Egypt – for the first time in 112 years! A severe winter storm which hit the Middle East recently has blanketed much of the desert in snow. The storm, referred to as Alexa, which began on December 11, has resulted in significant snowfall in areas of Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Syria and the Palestinian territories. And there are climate change / global warming deniers in this world? The fact that us humans have done a lot to change & affect the natural course of the climate on our planet is beyond any doubt for anyone with half a brain but there are some idiots, and it seems mostly in the US, who stick by their stupid belief that we can’t do anything on a global scale. I used to wonder why the climate change deniers stick to their ideas – it is really simple!

There is the fuel industry funded climate change deniers.The relationship between industry-funded denial and public climate change skepticism has been compared to earlier efforts by the tobacco industry to undermine scientific evidence on the dangers of secondhand smoke, and linked as a direct continuation of these earlier financial relationships. A growing and dangerous anti-science movement that appears to originate from adherence to a variety of social, political, and religious doctrines that favor alternate realities. There are also the highly religious cause of denial – they refuse to believe that man can change or alter something that their “god” has created on a large scale for the planet. Which ever way you look at it, these people will cause the death of this planet if they don’t open their eyes.

With the scenes of snow in Egypt I was left wondering when if ever would we see snow in tropical Kerala, where I live? We have never ever seen snow in this part of the world. The only time I myself have seen snow is when my family visited relatives in England back in the winter of 1978 – I was a little over 2 years old and do not remember any of it. Maybe someday I shall see snow and feel it beneath my feet ….. or shoes, I don’t wanna get frostbite!

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