Weather I Don't Like

A couple of days back at work after my fever and what do I get? A bad cold!

A cold that wraps itself around you head and makes you want to do nothing but sleep. Makes every sneeze feel like it’s the end of you nose & lungs as you know them. And I blame the weather.

It’s hot at times, cloudy and somewhat cool at times and it didn’t rain when it was supposed to. Add to this, when I step out of the hot sun, I go into the air-conditioned confines of my office and this sudden drop in temperature is not helping. The evenings are hot & sweaty. I hate this weather.

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Get me outta here!

3 thoughts on “Weather I Don't Like”

  1. LB – I would love to come to England. I was only 2 years old when my family & I visited Newcastle & parts of Scotland.
    Meleah – As always, you know how to make me feel better. Do I get a hug from you?

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